Saturday, January 23, 2010

Barry as a Populist? Now That's Funny!!!!

by Janet Crain
This one has my head spinning. Just a few months ago populists were being roundly condemned as dangerous subversives by the Dems and MSM. They were pictured in Newsweek as an angry mob brandishing pitchforks. Editor Jon Meacham remarked; "“As we argue in this week’s cover, the problem with populist rage—defined as the discernible public feeling that the few are unjustly profiting at the expense of the many—is that while it is cathartic, it can lead to bad decisions that may make the situation against which one is raging even worse. …". David Sirota even pictured a pitchfork wielding mob on the cover of his book The Uprising.

But now that Obama (or more likely his advisers) have got it through their heads that Populists are quite popular these days, he has decided to pose as one. His best talent; being a poser. Trouble is he hasn't the foggiest idea of what a populist is.

Let me give you a few hints, Barry Boy.

I have never heard of a populist who attended 8 years of school at the most expensive private school in Hawaii.

A populist has not jetted around the world as a college student visiting exotic dope smoking locales and living off their Grandma.

Very few populists took a sabbatical immediately upon graduation from college to live in Bali, Indonesa and laze around all day write a book about his criminal past misadventures.

Very few populists eat arugula. Or Koby beef. Nor do they, their wives or children wear designer clothes to dig in the garden.

I could go on and on, but I think even Obama and his advisers need to realize that like grapes that make good wine, populists have suffered at some point in their lives. They understand and emphasize with the suffering of others. In fact if they see a bunch of people suffering needlessly because of government misdeeds, they have been known to get mad as Hell. But they don't riot and break laws. They have.....tea parties. :-)

Populism; It's a Family Tradition

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