Thursday, January 28, 2010

Give Me a Cotton Picking Break!!!!!!!!!

Perfectly illustrates why I dropped my Newsweek subscription after many, many years. The final straw was when they changed their format to a page of tiny print and one little narrow horizonal graphic at the top of the page. To save ink and paper I suppose. But the writing was already on the wall. And that was one thing I could read, even in that tiny print. It said "Don't renew to your subscription to this liberal rag."

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Keyboard Jockey said...


There is a high degree of Cocaine found on our currency with the biggest concentration found at our capital. Snopes Yes It's True.

I don't know if it is cocaine but these yahoo's are snorting something.

Fineman thought it was a great speech? Was there an alternate speech for another group? Is there some Government study going on? Does Fineman belong to Group X?

History Chasers said...

I did not know that about money. Very interesting!!!