Friday, July 17, 2009

What a Couple of Big Sell Outs: Harry and Louise

Hat Tip: Chickaboomer

This horrible national health plan makes me feel like Dracula has arisen and is stalking the land. That silver bullet must have had some lead in it.

Man, I wish we didn't have to hit rock bottom before the people in this country WAKE UP!!!!!

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keyboard.jockey said...


That is remarkable you thought of vampires because the word that this whole debacle made me think of was "Ghouls". The Ghouls would be in charge of our health care. Want a counselor aka government bureaucrat to visit you when your in your 80s and suggest an alternative to medicine or treatment? Maybe you are tired of this life, and want to check out early (euthanasia) you know.....Ghouls.

keyboard.jockey said...


Matt Taibbi is about as Liberal as they come and he wrote this about Goldman Sachs and they didn't like it.

Matt Taibbi Conspiracy Theorist?

Why Goldman Sachs SUXS.

keyboard.jockey said...


Michelle Malkin's new book

"Culture of Corruption"

You can cross post this if you want.