Monday, July 6, 2009

It's All Bread and Circuses for the Masses

Could all this hoopla be designed to distract Americans from these facts?

You think????

  • Iran has taken hostages. Again.
  • We are all being set up to be taxed to a debilitating measure.
  • Castro, Chavez & Obama are meddling in Honduras where the democratic people threw out a wanna be dictator and these 3 are backing the dictator. [but you can't meddle in Iran]
  • The TARP money didn't work. The stimulus money didn't work. Spending our way out of a recession didn't work & we're facing a Depression as a nation.
  • N. Korea is threatening to nuke America while Iran is threatening to nuke Israel and they are both getting closer each day to make good on those promises. N. Korean missiles pointed at Hawaii.

No Party Tag for Conyers' Wife; Just 20 Secs on 'Cap and Trade' Amidst 95% Jackson
Noteworthy from Friday night's broadcast network evening newscasts which, a day after his death, spent 95 percent of their air time on Michael Jackson: Only ABC's World News reported how Monica Conyers, a Detroit city councilwoman married to powerful U.S. House Democrat John Conyers, pled guilty to accepting bribes. But anchor Charles Gibson, who on Wednesday night made sure to identify Mark Sanford as "a rising star in the Republican Party," failed to name the party affiliation for either Monica Conyers or John Conyers. Last year, when Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was charged with felonies, Gibson didn't consider Kilpatrick's party worth mentioning. ABC also uniquely found a little time, a mere 20 seconds, to mention House action on President Obama's cap and trade bill.

By contrast Sanford's sorry escapades rated an hour:

Morning Shows Devote Almost an Hour to Hyping Sanford Story
The three network morning shows on Thursday devoted a staggering 18 segments to the revelation that South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford was having an affair with a woman from Argentina, adding up to over 54 minutes of coverage. NBC's Today show spent the most time on the subject, highlighting the infidelity with six segments and 25 minutes of air time.

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