Sunday, July 19, 2009

Michelle Malkin's new book goes on sale July,27 2009.

Michelle Malkin's new book goes on sale July,27 2009.

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From the Back Cover
Praise for Culture of Corruption

"Culture of Corruption, by my good friend and intrepid reporter Michelle Malkin, reveals all the sordid details the Obama Administration would rather you not know--the sleaze, corruption, and self-dealing of the Chicago Machine that lets no `crisis' go to waste. A powerful and necessary indictment of what `hope and change' really means."
--Mark Levin, author of the New York Times bestsellers Liberty and Tyranny and Men in Black

"Dogged, fiercely independent, and with a brilliant eye for the telling detail, Michelle Malkin has now turned her formidable skills to the bright new dawn of the Obama era, and the ever widening gulf between the hopey-changey rhetoric and the murkier reality. Her riveting portrait of unsavory cronies parceling out the spoils of government is somewhat at odds with the impression you may have gained from the besotted Tiger Beat correspondents of the mainstream media. I will leave it to the reader to decide which view is more persuasive, but let's just say that, if more journalists were like Michelle Malkin, American newspapers might still have a future."
--Mark Steyn, author of the New York Times bestseller America Alone. KEEP READING HERE OR CLICK ON THE GRAPHIC.

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