Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rachel Maddow has a lucid period....

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Lee Hazel said...

Does any one besides me see this as not necessarily restricted to Guantanmo?

If The "O" is successful is "contructing" a system of incarceration that does not require anything more than someone's fear or an acusation of a danger to national security to be put away indefinately then are Gulags, cocentration camps, political rehabilitation faciities, or what ever other euphemism is selected be far behind????

Brownshirts, blue Shirts, Black shirts anybody. Funding and a nationwide ifrastructure already exists. It is called Neighborhood Cordinators, ACORN and some 250 incorporated subsidiaries, the New Black Panthers, et al

PC is Thought Control

Governor Palin, the pot is quickly reaching a boiling point. This country needs you and many more like you.