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Gay Marriage: Collateral Damage

I don't know how this turned out, but when this article went to press, the biological mother was in grave danger of losing custody of her child to her former gay lover. I think we will see more and more cases like this as it has been reported that in Sweden gay couples are 50% more likely to divorce.

Call me crazy, but the
dissolution rate of same sex marriages* is really the reason I object to same sex marriages. I really could care less what consenting adults do in PRIVATE. Please do keep it private.

And further, I feel that those wanting it so badly are just interested in the benefits such as health insurance, etc. JC


Mrs. Kramer Vs. Mrs. Kramer

It's an old story—parents split and fight for custody. But when both are women, and one says she is no longer gay, it gets complicated.

custody battle lesbian couple daughter Jenkins Miller

Isabella prefers to skip rather than walk down the long halls of the Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Va. With each springy step, the first grader's butterfly-print dress puffs full of air, giving her the appearance of weightlessness. She swings a bag of gummy bears in one hand, and in the other, a Sunday-school coloring sheet that reads "Obey God." One particularly high ballerina leap sends gummy bears skidding across the polished floor of the church and stops Isabella dead in her tracks. The dress deflates. Her mother Lisa Miller senses an imminent meltdown and starts counting down: "Five, four, three …" and by one, the little girl has all the candy in her hand again. "You beat the five-second rule," says Miller, "so it's still good." And with that, Isabella smiles, revealing a gap where two front baby teeth used to be, and stuffs the candy back in the bag. Skipping resumes.

Isabella hardly knows that she's at the center of a much bigger drama, a landmark custody battle between two women—both of whom she calls Mommy. Her parents are Miller, 40, who's fighting for exclusive, sole custody, and Janet Jenkins, 44, who's arguing for parental and visitation rights. Their case is the first to tackle the recognition of same-sex unions, marriage and the rights of homosexual parents across ideological, biological and state lines. And, uniquely, across religious lines once Miller became a devout Baptist, renounced her homosexuality and said she was determined to protect her daughter from a "lifestyle that's fundamentally wrong." Miller is Isabella's biological mom and lives with her daughter in Virginia, a state that does not recognize gay unions or marriage. Jenkins lives in Vermont, where she and Miller were happily—and legally—joined in a civil union eight years ago, and where the couple raised Isabella until they split when the child was just 17 months old. Since then, Miller has argued that her former partner—who has no blood tie to Isabella—also has no parental rights. "It would be like handing my child over to the milkman," she says. Jenkins disagrees. She says that as Miller's former legal partner who was at the IVF clinic when her daughter was conceived, and in the delivery room to catch her when she arrived, she should have visitation rights "like any other parent."

*A study called "Male and Female Homosexuality" by M. Saghir and E. Robins found the average live-in homosexual relationship (not the average of all homosexual relationships, just the ones that were live-in) was between 2-3 years.(Imagine how low the average would have been if the study counted ALL homosexual relationships)

A study called "Male Homosexuality" found that few male homosexual relationships last longer than two years, with many men reporting HUNDREDS of lifetime partners.

University of Chicago sociologist Edward Laumann said in "The Sexual Organization of the City" that metropolitan homosexuals typically move through relationships of less than 6 months.

A study of homosexual men in the Netherlands (a very liberal and accepting country where homosexual "marriage" has been legalized) published in the journal "AIDS" found the average length of relationship was 1.5 years.

"Homosexual Marriage: A Social Science View" found a dissolution rate among homosexuals in Sweden (a very liberal and accepting country where homosexual "marriage" has been legalized) 50% higher than for heterosexuals. The lesbian rate of dissolution was double that of male homosexuals.

According to "The Gay Report," 38% said the longest relationship (monogamy was not specified either way) they had ever had did not last longer than a year. The study found the average relationship length for lesbians was 38 months. "Homosexual Marriage: A Social Science View" found similar results.

"The Male Couple" cites a study of 156 homosexual males in relationships lasting 1-37 years. Only 4% had totally exclusive sexual relationships...and all of these had been together less than 5 years

The same study as one cited above giving homosexual dissolution rates (Homosexual Marriage: A Social Science View) reported the average length of heterosexual marriages in the United states as 25 years.

Those are just a few statistics. There are plenty more out there for the inquiring mind to find

© Janet Crain

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