Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What hath Obama Wrought?

As for myself, I note that all new cabinet members are either:

1. From Chicago

2. A former Clinton Administration member or

3. A Saul Alinsky pupil

Obama himself is 1 and 3.

Somewhere, Mr. Alinsky is grinning from ear to ear.

Stephanopoulos: Obama Cabinet Unparalleled in 'Brain Power'

Good Morning America's news team on Monday gushed at the sheer brilliance of Barack Obama's incoming cabinet, including his "team of economic gladiators." Former top Bill Clinton aide-turned journalist George Stephanopoulos rhapsodized: "We have not seen this kind of combination of star power and brain power and political muscle this early in a cabinet in our lifetimes." (What does that say about Stephanopoulos' friends in the Clinton administration?) Co-host Robin Roberts was equally enthusiastic. Speaking with Stephanopoulos, she cooed: "Some would say it's a team of rivals, a la President Lincoln, or is a better comparison a team of geniuses as FDR did?" Continuing the fawning, Stephanopoulos readily agreed: "Well, one Obama advisor told me what they like is a combination of team of rivals and 'the Best and the Brightest,' which was the David Halberstam book about the incoming Kennedy administration. I think there are parallels to all three."

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