Monday, November 24, 2008

Barack Obama, honeymoon killer?

The Clintonites in his Cabinet, forgiveness for Lieberman, the creeping signs of centrism -- progressives aren't ready to panic, yet.

By Mike Madden

Nov. 24, 2008 | WASHINGTON -- One of the first things Barack Obama did after winning the election two weeks ago was put an old-school political brawler in charge of his White House. Next, he saved Joe Lieberman. Then, he met with John McCain, and asked Hillary Clinton to run his State Department. For good measure, he's also apparently weighing whether to keep George W. Bush's Defense secretary, Robert Gates, on at the Pentagon.

This is the guy Republicans called a socialist, maybe a Marxist, and National Journal said was the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate? McCain aides were saying on Election Night that their own polling showed 60 percent of the country thought Obama was a liberal (and many voted for him anyway). Barely two weeks into the transition, that number might already be dropping fast.

In fact, in his appointments, and in what can be divined of his foreign policy, there are loud echoes of the last Democratic administration, and also of that lady he beat in the primaries, the one the netroots didn't like very much. Certainly, some of Obama's supporters are getting a little nervous about what this all presages about an Obama White House. "The list [of disappointments] is getting awfully long," wrote the blogger bmaz at Firedoglake. "Almost as long as Barack Obama's arm that he used to take our money and efforts to get himself elected. All we have seen is the short arm he has used to punch us in the face and collect street cred with villagers for having done so." Open Left's Chris Bowers wrote on Friday that he felt "incredibly frustrated ... [W]hy isn't there a single member of Obama's cabinet who will be advising him from the left?" Even Pat Buchanan -- not exactly the world's most liberal guy -- apparently thinks Obama needs to throw a bone to progressives after the start the transition is off to.

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Jamie said...

Give the man a break. He has a huge job ahead and an advantage that wasn't available to Carter or Clinton - an experienced group able to make things work in preparation and then execution on Jan 20.

He's bringing in his most liberal people close in in the WH and the moderates out on the cabinet with more liberal deputies to learn the ropes.

At least give him a honeymoon before you file for a divorce.

History Chasers said...

Jamie; I didn't marry him. LOL

I am simply pointing out what the people who did vote for him are saying and feeling now.

Did you read this link?

And yes,I do think it is ironic that he hasn't even taken office yet and his supporters are already complaining.