Monday, February 1, 2010

Angry voters track RINOs and incumbents

In his posturing as a pseudo-populist , Barack Obama has even been comparing himself to Scott Brown.

Not quite, Barry. It's the issues, not the public ire with incumbents that propelled Scott Brown into a senate seat held almost a century by a man who represented the exact opposite of Scott Brown's views.

Politics is more than personality, though at times it would not seem so.

January 31, 2010

By Henry Lambmuch

Barack Obama told reporters that he rode the same wave of public anger into office that brought Scott Brown into Ted Kennedy's Senate seat. Not quite. The wave of public anger that elected Scott Brown is focused on Barack Obama and the Congressional Democrats who are pushing his policies.

The public anger is more than justified. Both the President and Congress have turned a deaf ear to the expressed will of the people throughout the first year of the new administration. Even after the candidates Obama endorsed and campaigned for in Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts all lost convincingly, Democrat strategists are advising the leadership to "show character" by fighting even harder to impose government-controlled health care.

They would, were it not for the inconvenient fact that every Representative and 33 Senators must face the "angry public" at the polls this year.

All across the country, local, state, and national organizations are preparing to choose a new future for America. The future America wants is controlled by neither Democrats nor Republicans, but by elected officials who honor their pledge to "...preserve, protect, and defend" the U.S. Constitution.

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