Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Does Chris Mathews Need a Brain Transplant?

by Janet Crain
Sadly, it would appear that he does. His condition is further complicated by a severe infection by hoof and mouth disease manifested by an uncontrollable compunction to insert his hoof foot in his mouth every time the name Obama is mentioned. Doctors consider his condition guarded.

© Janet Crain

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1 comment:

Fredd said...

Yes, yes he does. And the available brains w/ cost per ounce are detailed below:

1. Republican brains: $1,000/oz
2. Libertarian brains: $1,500/oz
3. Democrat brains: $3,000,000/oz

What, you say! $3 million bucks an ounce for Democrat brains? Why so much? Simple answer, really: do you realize just how many Democrats you would have to harvest to obtain even one ounce of brains?

(rim shot here).