Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Unsinkable Sarah Palin

The music swells and then picks up tempo. Sarah Palin is talking about how 2010 will be the year that "commonsense conservative women get things done for our country." She's worried about "these policies coming out of D.C. right now, this fundamental transformation of America," and reports that she is not alone. "Moms kinda just know when something's wrong," she says. "You thought pit bulls were tough? Well, you don't wanna mess with the mama grizzlies!"

Can a two-minute Internet video reshuffle a Republican presidential race before it has even started? Palin's glossy yet authentic clip, released without any fanfare July 8, did just that. It was the surest sign yet that she means to be an energizing factor in this year's midterm elections and will mount a real bid for the White House in 2012. Most compelling is the way the video targets women, specifically moms, whom Palin exhorts to vote in the midterms and halt the Obama agenda. The video features image after image of everyday, determined, smiling, patriotic mothers and grandmothers, all keen to join her army of supporters. Palin calls it a "mom awakening." If she can inspire GOP and independent women to turn out for the party's candidates in November, she could decisively influence the outcome of the midterms.

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Jehu said...

Go Sarah Go, I can see November from my house.
I hope she runs, shes the only one Ive seen that isnt afraid of speaking her mind, we need someone who doesnt whimper out during the final stretch. Please Sarah Run!!
Just like some of the news I saw at about so many things in different directions, Sarah can handle it, she thinks on her feet, she's alive inside, so few of the runners have that. We need some spirit to waken America.

Jehu Ibrahim

hitman 13 said...

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Keir said...

Only a complete idiot could support this vile, stupid woman. So bereft of experience, intelligence or ideas is she that she can only communicate through twitter or emails to Glenn Beck. So thoroughly ignorant, so completely out of her depth in anything that requires intellectual rigour that she offers nothing but vacuous, loaded, and purposefully loaded language to incite. Her latest hijacking of the media is the horrific use of the term "blood libel" by which she places herself in the role of victim on the same par as Jews during pogroms. For God,s sake, she believes dinosaurs walked the earth 50,000 years ago! And she's going to intimidate the Chinese?! She is of the same cloth as Joseph Goebbels although lacks any cunning beyond self-promotion. How far the US has degenerated when such nonentities are actually written of as possible leaders of a country of 300 million.

History Chasers said...
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History Chasers said...

Keir; I know!!!! So much better when sex craved Jr. High "geniuses" ran this country. People like Clinton, Swarteneggar, Weiner, and a couple of dozen more of these below the waist thinkers. It's a wonder they didn't run us off in a ditch. Hey, wait! They did!!!

Anonymous said...

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