Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tp Mainstream Media; Grow Up!!!

Hasn't Sarah Palin been subjected to enough drooling sexist insulting behavior? Now this?

MSNBC Uses Fake, ‘Sexy’ Photos of Sarah Palin on Air; Will Network Correct and Apologize?

By Scott Whitlock (Bio | Archive)
November 13, 2009 - 13:21 ET

The host never admitted or addressed the fact that his network was passing off counterfeit pictures to his viewers. Earlier in the segment, Ratigan displayed an image of Palin in a short, black mini-skirt. This photo is also not real. MSNBC should immediately apologize for presenting such false information.

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KurtP said...

As a Palin supporter, can those pictures 'really' hurt her?

It's just another example of just how afraid they are of her.

If they want to play that game, fine.
Lets elect our first MILif President in 2012!

Keyboard Jockey said...

Well it didn't work. They really don't care how low rent they look.