Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Public May Kick Back

Trying to shove an unwanted health care plan down the citizens' throats may have serious repercussions.

For Obama.

For Pelosi.

For All the Dems.

Obama's Push for Health Care Reform May Use Up His Political Capital

The shift in public tone toward President Obama and his agenda raises fresh questions about the political capital he is expending to push through his top domestic priority, especially after he scored a hard-fought victory to get his $787 billion stimulus package passed.

Barack Obama promised on the campaign trail to change Washington if elected president, and he rode a wave of support based partly on that pledge all the way to the White House.

But change doesn't come cheap, and securing health care reform may wind up costing him much of that support -- known in Washington as political capital.

There already are signs that Obama's support is waning -- notably in his approval rating -- as he and Democratic leaders push to pass an overhaul of the nation's heath care system. And many of the people attending legislators' town hall events this month are voicing outrage and skepticism.

"That's really a big problem for a president that's persuasive but suddenly half the country says I just don't trust you," Stuart Rothenberg, a political analyst, told FOX News.

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keyboard.jockey said...

I believe irreparable damage has already been done. If they wanted to do any damage control, they could start be dumping all the Czars.

keyboard.jockey said...


Did you see this? The comments are interesting.